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All our vinegars are unfiltered and unpasteurized.
Pure unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
Honey Sweetened apple cider vinegar
Garlic Infused apple cider vinegar
We sell our Rockbridge Cider Vinegars at farmers markets and specialty stores.
Lynchburg Community Market www.lynchburgcommunitymarket.com
Lexington Farmers Market www.facebook.com/LEXVAFM/
Herman's Produce www.facebook.com/hermans.produce/?rf=211678785651199
Old Lex Mercantile www.oldlexmercantile.com
Blue Phoenis Cafe www.bluephoenixcafe.com
Favored Flavors www.favoredflavorsllc.com

Our pure apple cider vinegar is made to the highest Certified Naturally Grown (www.cngfarming.org) standards from ripe Virginia apples.
First, the apples are washed and pressed into apple juice.  Champagne Yeast is added to the apple juice to encourage cider fermentation. The juice is fermented for several weeks in five-gallon glass containers until it becomes a delicious, hard apple cider.  No sulfites or other chemicals are used.
Next, our own homemade “Mother of Vinegar” is added to the hard apple cider in stainless steel vessels.  Over many months, the hard apple cider slowly and carefully transforms into Rockbridge Cider Vinegar.
Finally, our Rockbridge Cider Vinegar is bottle-aged to a mellow fruitiness.