“from our homestead to your home”

Our Virginia Homestead
Rockbridge Cider Inc. is a small-scale apple cider vinegar company located on our
ten-acre homestead in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Eva at Harvest Time
We are dedicated to producing high quality apple cider vinegars and to
nurturing earth-friendly apple orchards.

Our Vinegary
Our artisinal apple cider vinegars are created in our hand-built vinegary.
We just added the solar panels for solar electricity!

The South Orchard in Summer
Our South Orchard was planted back in 2000. We planted apple varieties that are particulary delicious for making vinegar: Virginia Winesap, Golden Russet, Liberty, Granny Smith, Cortland, Lady, Smokehouse, Idared and Esopus Spitzenburg.

The Future North Orchard
We are excited to announce that we are developing a new North Orchard dedicated to growing Cortland and Liberty apples. These are delicious vinegar-making apples.
They are also immune to many of the apple diseases that are common in Virginia.
This is our second Certified Naturally Grown orchard!

Rockbridge Cider Vinegar
We sell handcrafted apple cider vinegars.
Please see our

Joseph at the Farmers Market
We are currently selling our vinegars at area farmers markets. We also sell directly to individuals from our Homestead Vingary and at fine food stores.

Eva's Herb Beds
This summer we are expanding Eva's herb beds so we can begin to offer herb-infused apple cider vinegars. And we plan on putting up a greenhouse next summer to expand our herb vinegar offerings even more!

Spring Blossoms in the South Orchard
There are a lot of good things happening at Rockbridge Cider! Please visit our Facebook page to keep up on the current news:

Thanks for your interest in Rockbridge Cider,
Joseph and Eva

3786 Collierstown Road, Lexington VA 24450 info@rockbridgecider.com